Are you feeling stressed or overwhelmed? These are normal feelings for students going through the university experience. If you would like assistance managing issues in your life, we are here to help. If you have never been seen at the counseling center, you may call 540-231-6557 to schedule an initial appointment.

We offer a variety of services including:

If you aren't sure that counseling is the right thing for you right now, but still want helping coping, we offer self care and support techniques for many situations:

We also offer an online screening module that can let you know a best course of action to help you.

Worried about Self-Harm or Suicidality? 

If you are concerned about yourself or any Virginia Tech student being (or becoming) suicidal, please call the Cook Counseling Center at 540-231-6557.  This number can be used during regular office hours or after-hours to speak with a counselor.

Local Resources:

  • ACCESS – Emergency services clinicians are available to meet with you at your location. A friend or family member can call for you if you feel that you are unable to do so yourself. Call 540-961-8400.
  • CONNECT – A 24-hour referral and emergency evaluation service of Carillion Health Care. Call 1-800-284-8898 or 540-731-7385.
  • RESPOND – A mental health admittance and referral service of Montgomery Regional Hospital and Lewis Gale Hospital. Call 540-953-5324.
  • Police – 911