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Cook Counseling Center is available to provide Virginia Tech students with mental health services and resources. Cook Counseling Center offers short-term individual, couples, and group counseling for personal concerns that your student might have, such as stress, depression, anxiety, academic motivation, and relationship problems.

During the first appointment, the student will first complete a brief computerized assessment. The student will then meet with a clinician who will discuss the student's current concern as well as obtain information about the student’s background. Both sources of data are important in determining how to best assist the student. The counselor will discuss possible action plans with the student. Options may include individual or group counseling at Cook Counseling Center, referral to a psychiatric provider at Cook Counseling Center, referral to a practitioner in the local community, referral to a workshop, or referral to other campus support services.

In all situations, counselors are not able to initiate contact with students. Students must contact Cook Counseling Center for services.

Concern About Your Student

Counselors are available to consult with you regarding many of the questions or concerns that you may have about your student’s well-being. These questions may relate to your student’s needs or where the needed assistance can be obtained.

The counseling staff is eager to help you with your concerns or questions about your student, however confidentiality is an essential aspect of the counseling relationship between Cook Counseling Center and your student. This limits the amount of information that can be shared with you. Confidentiality in the counseling relationship is protected in the state of Virginia and this prevents the counseling staff from discussing your student’s counseling in any way without written permission from your student. Counselors cannot confirm in any way if your student has been seen at the center.

As parents of Virginia Tech students, please feel free to contact Cook Counseling Center if you have any concerns about your student, want the center to be aware of something concerning your student, or have questions about our services and how to access them.

Contact Us

The Cook Counseling Center counselors are available to consult with you at 540-231-6557. If you feel that your student is in a life-threatening emergency or has threatened the life of someone else, please call 911 for assistance.