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Fees and Eligibility

Eligibility for Services

A student is appropriate for services at Cook Counseling Center (CCC) if:

· The student is enrolled in classes at Virginia Tech at the time they are seeking service and has paid the student health fee. (With the exception of situations detailed below, appointments are covered by the student health fee.)

· The presenting issues can be addressed with scope of services that are provided at the Cook Counseling Center (CCC).

· The presenting issues are appropriate for individual therapy, couples therapy, group therapy or an available skills workshop.

· The student (eligible and non-eligible) is in need of crisis management/stabilization.

· For students engaging in services via a telehealth platform, they must meet the above eligibility guidelines and are currently located in the state of Virginia during their course of treatment. Students located outside the state of Virginia, may request a consultation appointment to identity immediate coping strategies and resources for treatment in their local area.

No Show / Late Cancellation Fees

Students are charged a $25.00 no-show fee for all missed initial, individual follow-up, and continuing appointments for psychiatry and/or counseling services. This fee is charged when students cancel late or do not attend the scheduled appointment. To avoid cancellation/no show fees, students must notify the office during business hours the day before the scheduled appointment.