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Cook Connect Session


Cook Counseling Center is expanding our services and options to allow for a flexible, multi-faceted approach to meet the emerging and varying needs of students. Students begin by scheduling a Cook Connect Session. At this 20-30 minute meeting, the Connect Clinician will review student concerns, discuss available resources, and collaboratively develop a Connect Plan that will provide the support they need. Connect clinicians will also discuss how students can follow up if needed in the future.

The Cook Connect Model is designed to provide students with the following:

1. Tailored Planning

Our clinicians will collaborate with students to create a plan with personalized recommendations based on the specific student goals with cultural sensitivity to best match the need with the resource.

2. More Support, New Strategies

Students crave more coping strategies and more connection with their peers. We are growing our vetted library of online info and tools, expanding access to our popular supportive groups, and creating new classes to learn more about mental health. These help to promote autonomy and empowerment to build on students' strengths.

3. Faster Response

We have designed our services so that students can be seen as quickly as possible to discuss what is going on and what services inside and outside of Cook can help holistically address their needs.

Our Services

An online library of videos, handouts, and other resources created or reviewed by counselors which are accessible to students for self-help or to supplement therapy.

Referral to relevant on and off campus resources such as Hokie Wellness, Career and Professional Development, Services for Students with Disabilities, off campus providers, etc. following an assessment of student needs and goals.

Educational programming designed to enhance the learning and development of students, faculty and staff through videos, live presentations, social media, or consultation.

Structured and time limited educational programming to provide information and build skills related to specific mental health topics such as anxiety or mindfulness.

Outreach services or individual and group therapy involving one of our therapy dogs.

Counselors who serve to connect Cook Counseling Center with campus organizations such as the Cultural and Community Centers through outreach, consultation, and helping students communicate with the counseling center.

Counselors who are housed within specific colleges or programs to provide therapy, assessment, outreach services, and other relevant mental health support directly to the program in which they are housed (e.g., Sports Psychology within Athletics).

Identity based groups that are focused on providing a place for sharing and receiving support and can be led by counselors or other members of the campus community.

Opportunities for students to spread mental health awareness, provide mental health programs to peers, and take on leadership roles through the Peer Assistance for Learning (PALs) program.

Support for academic success, connecting students to academic resources on campus, and resources such as academic relief when mental health is a barrier to academic success.

Educational, skill-building, or interpersonal-process based therapeutic groups that allow students to hear multiple perspectives and receive encouragement and feedback from peers in a safe, supportive, and confidential environment.

Short-term, one on one meetings with a clinician to work on specific goals.

Psychiatric evaluations and treatment from a team of psychiatric providers.

Consultation for mental health emergencies available 24/7 by phone or available face to face during business hours