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Ollie Gelinas, MSW

Supervisee in Social Work / Triage Clinician

Ollie serves as a dedicated Triage Clinician at Virginia Tech, leveraging his profound skills as a social worker to champion the mental and emotional health of the student community. A proud alumnus of Radford University, Ollie’s commitment to individual empowerment and well-being is deeply rooted in his academic and lived experiences. Although originally from the picturesque landscapes of New England, he's wholeheartedly embraced the Hokie spirit and is recognized for his unwavering dedication and empathetic approach.

Outside the confines of his office, Ollie’s life is colored by Virginia's diverse natural beauty. Alongside his cherished wife and their playful dogs, he frequently embarks on canoeing adventures, appreciating the serenity that the New River has to offer. His countryside homestead is a hive of activity, with various farm animals that he nurtures with a loving hand. On weekends, the allure of the Blue Ridge Mountains often calls him for hiking expeditions, and he's known to indulge in the delicate art of fly fishing, wood working, and bicycling, seamlessly blending his New England roots with his Virginian life. Through both his professional and personal endeavors, Ollie exemplifies a life devoted to care, community, and the great outdoors.