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Emergency Services

If you are concerned about yourself or any Virginia Tech student being (or becoming) suicidal, please call the Cook Counseling Center at 540-231-6557.  This number can be used during regular office hours or after-hours to speak with a counselor.

There are also other local resources to aid in an emergency.

Students in Crisis

Students who are in crisis should call 540-231-6557 and ask to be connected to a crisis clinician by phone. This person will help determine the next steps to address the crisis. The clinician will first attempt to meet the student's needs via a telehealth format, but the clinician will be available to meet face to face if telehealth is not sufficient. Examples of a crisis that might require a face to face, in person, meeting are experiencing significant thoughts of self-harm or harm to others, a recent trauma or sexual assault, psychotic symptoms such as hearing voices or seeing things, or disruptions to thinking that damage the ability to function or be safe.

Outside Provider Referral to CCC

If an outside provider wishes to refer a student to the Cook Counseling Center for counseling or psychiatric services, they are requested to submit the Outside Provider Referral Forms packet.

First Time Counseling Visits

Students begin their work with Cook Counseling Center with a Cook Connect appointment regardless if they are new to the center or have been seen previously. Appointments may be scheduled by calling the Cook Counseling Center at 540-231-6557 during regular business hours. Prior to the appointment students will complete paperwork. During the appointment, a Connect Clinician will review the paperwork with the student, discuss the student's concerns, discuss treatment goals, discuss resources and therapy options, and collaboratively develop a Connect Plan to provide students with the support needed.

First Time Appointments with Embedded Counselors

Cook Connect appointments with embedded counselors (counselors serving within specific academic departments, residential life districts, or satellite campuses) may also be scheduled online using the links below.

Embedded counselors can only see students within their academic college, residential life district, or campus location (Northern Virginia and Roanoke campus). If your availability does not align with their schedules, please call our main office at (540) 231-6557. We have Cook Connect (triage) clinicians who typically have appointments available within 2-3 business days.

Note: These links may not be used for follow-up appointments or by students not within the designated college or department.