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Psychiatric Services

Psychiatric services through Cook Counseling Center are available to any Virginia Tech student who has paid the student health fee. The psychiatry team is comprised of psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, and residents.  Our department is proud to be a teaching facility with partnerships with VCOM and Lewis Gale.  The process of psychiatric treatment begins by scheduling an appointment with a counselor. The counselor will evaluate your symptoms by performing a background screening and assessing the results. It is up to your counselor to recommend psychiatric services if they are needed, however, they may also recommend individual therapy, group therapy, or participation in one of Cook Counseling Center’s workshops (such as relaxation training). If students have a current prescriber able to continue meeting with them, Cook will likely encourage this relationship to continue. We encourage students moving to the area to be prepared with several months of prescriptions ready.

More information can be requested from Cook Counseling Center at 540-231-6557.

Services include:

  • Psychiatric evaluations and treatment
  • Psychiatric medications
  • Individual and group therapy in collaboration with counseling staff
  • Treatment for ADHD (Stimulant medication requires psychoeducational testing by a credentialed psychologist. Psychoeducational testing is comprised of more than one assessment or measure, and will include evaluation of cognitive functioning. This type of evaluation is outside the scope of Cook Counseling Center, but Cook staff can help you find providers who offer this testing.)


Resources to find providers:

Psychology Today

Educational Testing Centers

Outside Provider Referral to CCC

If an outside provider wishes to refer a student to the Cook Counseling Center for counseling or psychiatric services, they are requested to submit the Outside Provider Referral Forms packet.

If a student is utilizing TimelyCare for their individual therapy needs, the student should email Erica Coates at to discuss psychiatry referrals after they have had at least three individual therapy appointments.