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Community Resiliency Model

CRM Sensory Bike
CRM Sensory Bike


Our Community Resiliency Model (CRM) trains community members to not only help themselves but to help others within their wider social network.

From May 2023 to December 2023, approximately 1000 employees and students have attended a conversation on CRM to learn skills to track and work with their nervous system. Participants have included Residential Well-being Student Leaders, first year Corps of Cadets, first year leaders, Active Minds club, first year vet med students and public health students, and numerous other student groups and departments across campus.

The primary focus of this skills-based, stabilization program is to reset the natural balance of the nervous system. CRM Workshops introduces the six wellness skills of CRM designed to help adults and children learn to track their own nervous systems in order to bring the body, mind, and spirit back into greater balance, and to encourage people to pass the skills along to family, friends and their wider community.

CRM VT is a movement to expand campus knowledge of our fight/flight/freeze/fawn responses. We believe if we all know more about how our nervous systems are trying to help us, and ways to regulate our nervous systems, then we can be more effective in connecting with others and handling our daily stressors. We are working to train campus stakeholders and students.


Dog that is in high alert
  • High zone - Edgy, Irritability, Anxiety and Panic, Angry Ourbursts, Pain
Dog that is content
  • Flow zone - Focused, Less Anxiety, Balanced
Dog that is timid
  • Low zone - Depression, Sadness, Isolation, Exhaustion, Fatigue, Numbness

Wellness Wakeup

Do your meetings need to be more varied and exciting? It's time to transform them and give more space for nervous system co-regulation! We're excited to introduce Wellness Wake Up Slides, a new range of activities and conversation starters specifically designed to create conversation and connection within your departmental and team meetings or presentations. These thoughtfully curated activities allow meeting leaders to seamlessly integrate well-being practices, encouraging ownership of mental health and allowing participants to ground themselves before delving into the meeting agenda. More than just a temporary fix, these resources promote enduring self-help strategies within the Virginia Tech community and empower them to extend these wellness strategies into their family and friend groups beyond the VT Community.

CRM Wellness Wakeup Slides.pptx