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CRM Skills

Skill 1: Tracking

  • Tracking is noticing or paying attention to sensations - to what is happening inside the body in the present moment.

Skill 2: Resourcing

  • A Resource is any person, place, thing, memory, or part of yourself that makes you feel calm, pleasant, peaceful, strong, or
  • resilient.

Skill 3: Grounding

  • The direct contact of the body or part of the body with something that provides support in the present moment.

Skill 4: Gesturing

  • A movement usually of the body or limbs that expresses or emphasizes an idea, sentiment, or attitude.

Skill 5: Help Now!

  • A shift in your attention using one or more of your five senses.

Skill 6: Shift and Stay

  • Shifting your attention from sensations that are unpleasant to sensations that are neutral or pleasant and staying there.