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Park, Bus, Walk Info

Oak Lane

BUS- The Hokie Express runs on the :00, :15, :30, and :45 between Burruss and the bus stop in front of Oak Lane.

PARKING- Students with all sorts of VT parking passes (except the Resident pass) can park in front of Oak Lane for their appointment without penalty.  Visitors to the University can download the Park Mobile app and pay $5 to park in one of the spots.

WALK- Google Maps states walking from Burruss to Oak Lane is 1.0 miles and takes 21 minutes.


BUS- The closest bus stop is the Library bus stop.

PARKING- There is minimal street parking available in metered spots in front of and beside Eggleston, as well as in the bookstore. 

WALK- Google Maps states walking from Burruss to East Eggleston is 0.3 miles and takes 6 minutes.

North End Center

BUS- A number of routes come close to our North End Center building but none directly in front.

PARKING- There is a large parking garage next to the North End Center, and students can park on the 7th level for $6 (all day parking).  There is a walking bridge on the 4th level to be able to come in to the building on the floor Cook Counseling occupies.

WALK- Google Maps states walking from Burruss to North End Center is 0.4 miles and takes 10 minutes.

Kent Square