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About Cook Counseling Center

Mission Statement

Thomas E. Cook Counseling Center (CCC) supports the mission of Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University and the Division of Student Affairs. We promote student learning, development, retention, and holistic wellbeing by providing resources for improving mental health and identifying psychological barriers to academic success. Grounded in our commitment to social justice and equity, CCC supports these efforts through psycho-educational programming, individual, group, crisis, and psychiatric services. CCC’s commitment to service also includes multidisciplinary training, consultation, advocacy, and research.

Vision Statement

The CCC staff strives to be a community of professionals who encourage trust, support, and open communication. We are committed to a spirit of excellence in the provision of timely and relevant university mental health services. We model civility, compassion, authenticity, a balanced life, and a celebration of individual differences and diversity. We foster a learning environment that promotes the courage for ongoing curiosity, reflection, and an examination of ourselves and our surroundings that we hope can lead to increased wisdom and growth.