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Training Seminars

The doctoral internship in professional psychology is a 2,000 hour training program. In order to successfully complete the internship, interns must regularly attend and be actively involved in the following activities, while demonstrating competency in the associated content areas.

Psychotherapy Seminar:

1.5 Hours Every Two Weeks (Fall and Spring)

The Psychotherapy Seminar is designed to provide trainees with an organized, in-depth and developmentally appropriate learning opportunity intended to augment clinical practice skills. During the fall semester the content will focus mainly on psychotherapy topics especially relevant to practice in a large and diverse university counseling setting. Didactic and discussion-based in nature, the seminar series will focus on the application of critical content areas that meet the needs of highly trained doctoral interns. Topics include such offerings as ethics, eating disorders, and crisis intervention. A series on psychopharmacology is included as part of these seminar offerings. Readings and small group participation required.

Diversity Seminar:

Once Every Two Weeks (Fall and Spring)

Interns meet approximately once every two weeks during the semester for presentations and discussions of multicultural issues associated with working with students in the university environment. The didactic seminars are alternated with a multiculturally focused case discussion.

Research Seminar:

One Hour per Month (Fall and Spring)

This seminar will develop skills in conducting applied research in the field of psychology. Interns develop an original research project under the supervision of a staff psychologist. Program evaluation is a particular focus as the CCC strives to incorporate research-based findings pertinent to our local client population. Research time is also allotted for dissertation research.

Intern Cohort Supervision and Professional Development:

Two Hours Weekly (Fall, Spring, Summer)

This weekly meeting includes the interns and the training director. The session utilizes readings, experiential exercises, case discussions, review of audio/video recordings and discussion to augment intern clinical skills with additional emphasis on professional development issues including professional identity and exploring post-doctoral, licensing and early career issues.

Individual Clinical Supervision:

Three Hours per Week (Fall, Spring, Summer)

Interns receive weekly individual supervision from a primary (two hours) and a secondary supervisor (one hour) supervisor. Primary supervisors are licensed clinical psychologists in Virginia. Primary and secondary supervisors change at the halfway point of the internship. Interns are encouraged to work with as many senior staff as possible. Individual supervision utilizes audio and video recording as well as in-person observation to focus on the development of the intern's clinical skills.

Supervision of Supervision Seminar:

1.5 Hours per Week (Fall and Spring)

Interns focus on building supervision skills utilizing a planned and sequenced training syllabus. Seminar includes discussion of readings and issues pertaining to supervision of practicum trainees.

Psychological Assessment Seminar:

One Hour Every Two Weeks (Fall, Spring, Summer)

Utilizing a planned and sequenced training syllabus in a didactic, discussion-based and experiential format, interns are exposed to methods of testing and assessment commonly utilized in college counseling centers and general practice. Assessment referrals are reviewed and discussed. A minimum of two targeted psychological evaluations during the training year is required. At least one report must be on an individual from an individually or culturally diverse background.

Group Therapy Seminar:

1.5 Hours per Week (Fall and Spring)

Interns and senior staff participate in weekly group supervision of ongoing process and psychoeducational group experiences. Discussion and videorecording review is utilized.

Consultation and Outreach Seminar:

1.5 Hours Every Two Weeks – (Fall and Spring)

Interns obtain didactic information as well as experiential training in outreach and consultation to the university community. There may also be opportunities to provide training to university students who are are CCC's Peer Assisted Learners (PALS) or Pet loss Hotline volunteers.

Summer Specialty Rotation:

8 Hours Weekly (Summer Sessions)

Interns supplement their work at Cook Counseling Center with special-interest experiences or consultation services during the summer months. Opportunities for consultation may include, but are not limited to, work with the Women’s Center at Virginia Tech, the Psychological Services Center, the Virginia Tech Department of Athletics, the Cranwell International Center or the Cultural and Community Centers.

The nature of the activity / consultation may vary with the interests of the intern and the needs of the external organization. For example, one intern may elect to provide direct service (e.g., outreach with student athletes, clinical supervision of psychology students at the Psychology Services Center) while another may pursue academic or other scholarly endeavors (e.g., teaching a course or developing a training manual). The intern is responsible for working with the training director to establish the terms of the consultation relationship. Approximately eight hours of work per week is expected for this supplementary experience.