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Black Mental Health Matters

The Cook Counseling Center stands in solidarity with Black and African American students, families, and community members. We strongly affirm the Virginia Tech Principles of Community and condemn hate and oppression in any form.  We recognize that the events of the past few weeks and the broader experience of racial discrimination affect many members of our community. We recognize that psychological distress may arise including vicarious trauma, racial trauma, concerns about community violence and discrimination on the basis of race, feelings of isolation and disempowerment, among other distressing psychological and physiological concerns. We would like to reach out to those affected with our support. The mission of the Cook Counseling Center is to provide effective and competent services for all students. We would like to offer our support and services, which may be accessed by contacting 540-231-6557.  We would also like to encourage those who hope to be allies to work toward educating yourselves as much as possible. Check out the link below  for some recommendations for books, podcasts, etc.

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